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Results & Outcomes

An adult with gloves on cutting a green bell pepper next to a youth with an apron watching the process

2023 County Profile

Success Stories


4-H SNAC: An emerging model for integrating Extension nutrition and positive youth development

Students growing into leaders: Fostering a healthy school and a healthy community

Farmers market navigators increase access to healthy, local foods

CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE promotes community healthy with Teens Love Cooking


CFHL, UCCE partners with farmers markets to increase access to healthy, local food

P.E. Specialist Partnership: Resilience and Innovation Broadens our Reach

Cooking together (virtually) to build community and promote health during COVID-19

Hapgood students discover pest and pals!

Teens Love Cooking!


Partnering to increase access to healthy, local food - CalFresh at Farmers' Markets 

Adapting services to keep healthy eating active living curricula in schools

Let-tuce Try Salad From The Garden!

SNAC youth leader meetings go virtual, create opportunities to engage families


UC supports comprehensive, student-led efforts in nutrition, garden and physical activity at partner

Building health and nutrition skills, one class discussion at a time

Teacher makes lifestyle changes to model MyPlate for her students

Teens Love Cooking... to promote a healthier generation.

Comprehensive approach to nutrition education services create sustainable changes at schools

Taste testing in a safe environment makes students more likely to try a variety of foods

Building community capacity for garden enhanced nutrition education

CalFresh Healthy Living works to bring more low-income clients to farmers markets

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC programming increases student leadership for healthy outcomes