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Water and Soils

UC Irrigation and Water Management Publications

The UC ANR Catalog offers a number of practical guides for water management. These guides are available at:



Deficit irrigation of quality winegrapes

The UCCE booklet titled "Deficit Irrigation of Quality Winegrapes Using Micro-Irrigation Techniques" by Dr. Terry Prichard and other UCCE academics summarizes the fundamental aspects of vineyard irrigation management:

Deficit Irrigation of Quality Winegrapes Using Micro-Irrigation Techniques


DWR CIMIS weather data

The CA Dept. of Water Resources CIMIS program is a network of public weather stations that provide ETo data for irrigation scheduling purposes. The data is free, but you must sign up to use the service.

Data from individual stations is available at this website:




Irrigation water quality assessement

The following UN FAO publication has a large amount of detailed information on irrigation water quality and salinity management:

Water quality for Agriculture

The following guidelines will be very useful to help with the interpretation of laboratory water analysis data for assessing the suitability of water for irrigation use in general:

Irrigation water analysis guidelines


Soil moisture monitoring

The following publication from the CSIRO in Australia provides very detailed information on a wide range of soil moisture measurement technologies. This was published in 2005; interested growers would be advised to investigate more recently developed technologies as well:

Soil Water Monitoring - 2nd Edition


Soil Survey information

The following two websites have Soil Survey information available online; this online information is replacing the older print versions of the Soil Survey documents:

California Soil Resource Lab at UC Davis:


NRCS Web Soil Survey:



FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 56

The FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 56 provides very detailed information on crop evapotranspiration. It is likely much too detailed for most growers, but can be a good general reference for understanding crop water requirements:

FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 56


California Water Atlas

The original California Water Atlas was published as a large format book in 1979. This amazingly detailed resource is now available online at the following website: