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Articles that have been posted, in reverse chronological order:


Irrigation volume and frequency: soil, salinity and nutrient considerations

Spring Fever 2019



Realignment of Farm Advisor assignments serving San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties

Special issue of the California Agriculture Journal: The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act



Resistance to the QoI (Strobilurin) Fungicides in Grape Powdery Mildew on the Central Coast

Downy Mildew appearing in Central Coast vineyards

2016 update - Production and economic trends for SLO County vineyards

The Orange Slime is appearing again on pruning wounds



Grape Erineum Mite

The Driedfruit Beetle can exacerbate bunch rot problems

Planthoppers appearing in area vineyards

Vine mealybug identification posters

Vineyard floor management and frost risk

Red Blotch and the Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper



Weather and drought effects on the poor fruit set in 2015

Production and economic trends of Santa Barbara County vineyards, and comparison to statewide averages

Production and economic trends for SLO County vineyards

Managing irrigation water quality

The rise (and demise) of the UC Experiment Station at Paso Robles

Renovating vineyards affected by trunk diseases

Black Foot Disease in coastal vineyards

Pinot Leaf Curl appearing in Central Coast vineyards

Arrival of the 'Red Bug' to Central Coast vineyards