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Historical Winegrape Production Statistics

The accompanying graphs show the historical wine grape production statistics for San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, through 2019. The data values come from the Agricultural Commissioner’s Crop Reports for each county. San Luis Obispo County wine grape records begin in 1969, and Santa Barbara County in 1973; any existing acreages prior to these years were likely considered to be too small to report as separate crops.

The crop reports are available at the following links:

Some of these charts include inflation-adjusted dollar amounts, in which dollar values from earlier years have been expressed in Oct 2020 dollars; the inflation adjuster is from the US Dept. of Labor.

Total harvested acres

Total production

Total crop value

SLO tons per acre

SB tons per acre

Nominal price per ton

SLO adjusted price per ton

SB adjusted price per ton

SLO acreage and fruit value per acre

SB acreage and crop value per acre

SLO bearing non bearing acres