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Salinity Management

General salinity management

The following free UC ANR publication provides a good general background on salinity management with drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation salinity management for row crops

The following FAO publication provides a great amount of detail on the issue of farmland salinity and its management:

Salt affected soils and their management


Paso Robles Soil Salinity Survey

Soil salinity is a concern in many of the irrigated regions of the Central Coast, particularly where the quality of the irrigation water is marginal. This report summarizes the conditions observed in Paso Robles with the extensive soil salinity survey being conducted beginning in 2006:

Evaluation of soil salinity conditions in California Central Coast winegrape vineyards

This report was presented at the Western Nutrient Management Conference in 2011. Subsequent measurements in 2012 show the same increasing trend in soil salinity levels.


Australian vineyard salinity research

Recent research in Australia has produced very useful information for managing vineyard salinity conditions; the following two publications summarize these findings:

Guidelines for managing soil salinity in groundwater irrigated vineyards (summary)

Managing soil salinity in groundwater irrigated vineyards (full report)