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K-6 Curricula and Support for Healthy School Environments

CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties (SLO/SB) supports comprehensive, school-based nutrition, gardening, and physical activity education at partnering school sites where 50% or more of the students qualify for the Free/Reduced School Meals Program.

young students in a semicircle, holding up a giant carrot just pulled from the garden

Services offered:

  • UC and evidence-based curricula in nutrition, gardening, and physical education.
  • Hands-on cooking demonstrations and taste testing.
  • Support for school gardens and garden to cafeteria connections.
  • Facilitation of youth leadership development in nutrition and health.


In 2021, students responding to the Youth Intent to Change Survey (n=282) after receiving nutrition lessons say they will try to eat more fruits (70%) and vegetables (47%) and drink less sugary beverages (48%) and 90% of students reported they will choose to drink water and 79% will try to get more physical activity.

"One thing I learned in these classes is how important it is to stay healthy. Before I did know it was important to stay healthy. But these classes helped me understand more about staying healthy, and why, and how to." - Student participant