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Our Team

Nutrition Educators

Melissa LaFreniere

Melissa LaFreniere
Community Education Specialist II

Physical Activity Team Leader, Sunshine Committee

Email: mslafreniere@ucanr.edu

Miguel Diaz
Community Education Specialist II

Parent Education Team Leader

Email: midiaz@ucanr.edu    

Betsy Plascencia

Community Education Specialist II

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Team Leader, Sunshine Committee

Email: bgplascencia@ucanr.edu


Abbi Marrs

Community Education Specialist II

School Garden Sustainability Team Leader

UC Garden Nutrition Extender Coordinator

E-mail: mbmarrs@ucanr.edu

Kelly Hong

Community Education Specialist II

Youth Engagement / Student Nutrition Advisory Council team lead

E-mail: kqhong@ucanr.edu


Management & Academic Leadership


Mishelle Petit








Mishelle Petit, MPH

Community Education Supervisor I

Email: mpetit@ucanr.edu








Rosa Vargas, MPA

Community Education Manager I

E-mail: rivargas@ucanr.edu

Shannon Klisch, MPH  

Academic Coordinator II

Youth, Families, & Communities programs

Email: sklisch@ucanr.edu

Katherine E. Soule, Ph.D.

Director of UC Cooperative Extension and Health Equity Advisor
Email: kesoule@ucanr.edu