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Drought Resources

UC Drought Management Website

The University of California Drought Management website provides information for a wide range of crops:

UC Drought Management website

The following article by Terry Prichard, UCCE Irrigation Management Specialist, Emeritus, covers the fundamental aspects of dealing with drought in winegrapes:

Irrigation management of winegrapes with a limited water supply


Vineyard water management under drought: Australian resources

The severe drought conditions in Australia in the past decade led to the creation of a number of very valuable information resources on water management under severe water-limited conditions.


The GWRDC has compiled online video presentations and written reports on the following website:

GWRDC Irrigation Resources

Some key reports:

Insights into the relationships between yield and water in wine grapes, by Yasmin Chalmers

Dealing with water shortages - Wine Grapes, by Glynn Ward

Managing water stress in grape vines in Greater Victoria, by Ian Goodwin