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Small Farms

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As of August 18th, Maria Orozco will no longer be the Community Education Specialist for the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Please direct all future inquiries to the UC Small Farms Network at smallfarms@ucanr.edu. Our team will be happy to assist you! 

As of November 7th, 2022, Kirsten Pearsons is no longer the Small Farm Advisor for San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. She can still be reached at kapearsons@ucanr.edu for follow-up, especially related to insect pest issues.


For more information about UC Small Farm Research and Extension in other counties:
UCCE Small Farms Website

Maria (left) and Kirsten (right)
Maria (left) and Kirsten (right)

Other CE advisors that can help small-scale farms in our region:

Mark Battany
SLO, Santa Barbara

Water management, grapes and viticulture

Ben Faber
Ventura, Santa Barbara

Soils, water, subtropical crops (primarily avocados and citrus)

Christopher (Chris) Greer
SLO, Santa Barbara

Integrated Pest Management, Plant Pathology

Royce Larsen
SLO, Santa Barbara

Pastures and rangelands

Matthew Shapero
Ventura, Santa Barbara

Livestock and rangelands

Etaferahu (Eta) Takele
San Bernardino, SLO, Santa Barbara

Farm Management /Agricultural Economics