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Food Safety and Preservation Resources

Approved Food Preservation Resources
When preserving at home, it is important to carefully read and follow directions, and use only approved, research-based recipes and methods to ensure safety.
Listed below are UC approved sources.


Photo: The National Center for Home Food Preservation
Photo: The National Center for Home Food Preservation

The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning 

National Center for Home Food Preservation 

So Easy to Preserve

UC Davis Food Preservation Resources

UC Master Food Preserver Statewide Website


Other state university extension food preservation programs:

Penn State


Washington State



Food Safety

Food Safety Resources

One out of six people contract a food borne illness each year. 

The UC Master Food Preserver Program promotes safe food practices to help keep your family safe.

  • Ask USDA provides information for consumers about preventing food borne illness, safe food handling and storage, and safe preparation of meat, poultry, and egg products. Try out it now and Ask USDA!
  • The Partnership for Food Safety Education develops and promotes effective education programs to reduce foodborne illness risk for consumers. This site offers food safety information, food safety tips, curriculum, safe recipe information and other resources.

Other resources:

Cutting Board Safety

Seguridad de la Tabla de Cortar

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