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Master Food Preserver Program

About Master Food Preservers

Preserve Today, Relish Tomorrow!

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The UC Master Food Preserver Program volunteers are trained volunteers who extend UC research-based information about home food safety and preservation to the public. 

What do our volunteers do?

  • Partner with organizations like UC CalFresh and local food banks to provide resources and information on home food safety and preservation;
  • Provide hands-on learning workshops for community youth through events with our libraries and Boys and Girls club;
  • Teach classes on various food preservation topics;
  • Answer food preservation inquiries via our helpline;
  • Provide testing of home pressure canners for the public, free of charge.

Stay connected!

Stay connected with us for program updates, upcoming events, food preservation recipes, and food safe techniques. 

Master Food Preserver Helpline

Ask your preserving questions today!

Do you have canning, preserving or food safety questions? Want more information about becoming a UC Master Food Preserver? Need information about an upcoming class? 

Call or email us and one of our UC Master Food Preserver volunteers will respond to your question within 2-3 business days.

805-781-1429 or  slomfp@ucanr.edu

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