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Tree fruit, Citrus, Avocado, and Nuts

Local field research is conducted by Cooperative Extension advisors, in cooperation with University of California Extension Specialists, Experiment Station personnel and growers. Research efforts target new crops and varieties that are best adapted to local growing conditions and markets. Irrigation, fertilization, and soil management research helps growers use natural resources effectively. Innovations in cultural practices and pest control help local growers produce an abundance of fruits, nuts, cereal grains, vegetables and other crops with environmentally sensitive methods.

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Topics in Subtropics Blog!
  • oriental fruit fly image
    Watch Out for Fruit Flies

    California inundated with invasive fruit flies Bodil Cass Extension Subtropics Entomologist, Dept of Entomology, UCR   California is experiencing an unusually high number of invasive fruit fly infestations. There are seven active regional...

    By Ben A Faber
    Author - Advisor
  • avocado cluster
    Avocado Field Day

    You may have missed it, or you may want to relive it.  Here's a video of the June 25 Avocado Field Day at Jackson Ranch in North San Diego County: Field Day at Jackson Avocado Ranch Topics and Speakers A big thank you to our...

    By Ben A Faber
    Author - Advisor
  • Mt Shasta
    A Strawberry FaeireTale

    The way the strawberry industry grows plants really makes them a subtropical plant.  The industry is located along the coast from Monterrey to San Diego, with the bulk around Salinas, Santa Maria and Oxnard.  Oleg Daugovish looks after this...

    By Oleg Daugovish