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Drought Information Resources

California is suffering historic drought conditions.  The information on this webpage offers farmers and ranchers links to valuable resources, carried out by researchers and specialists, on a vast array of issues they are facing during this extremely dry and difficult year.  For general drought information please click on the links below. 

For drought issues with a particular crop, please see the left navigation buttons where you will find resources for your specific agricultural needs.

UC ANR California Institute for Water Resources Drought Information

UC Davis Rangeland Watershed Laboratory Managing Drought http://rangelandwatersheds.ucdavis.edu/main/drought.html#RancherPerspectives

Coping with Declining Groundwater Levels
CIMIS Drought Tips

View film excerpts from University of California Researchers and Academics on a large variety of expert water and drought topics
Insights: Water and Drought Online Seminar Series

Irrigation Scheduling Tools
UC Drought Management-Evapotranspiration Scheduling

Soil Moisture Monitoring
UC Drought Management-Soil Moisture Monitoring

Extension- Soil Moisture Sensors

Drought Strategies
Irrigation Scheduling during a Drought

For a summary of the impacts of the 2014 drought on San Luis Obispo County agriculture, see the following article:

The 2014 drought: Impacts on San Luis Obispo County Agriculture