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Oak Woodland Research and Education

Bill Tietje: Natural Resources Extension Specialist
Bill Tietje
Natural Resource Extension Specialist
(510) 725-7651

Research Interests

Oak woodland ecology and management and human impacts on wildlife.

M.B. McElreath
M.B. McElreath

Research Specializations

- Life history of small mammals in relation to environmental change.
- Role of dead trees in the life history of an ecosystem engineer.
- How large oak trees within the vineyard influence bat species diversity.

J. Cossey
J. Cossey

B. Lyons
B. Lyons

Selected Publications

Polyakov, A.Y., T.J. Weller, and W.D. Tietje. Remnant trees increase bat activity and facilitate the use of vineyards by edge-adapted bats. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 281: 56-62. 

Tietje, W.D., A.Y. Polyakov, V. Rolland, J. Hines, and M. Oli. Population ecology of the California mouse (Peromyscus californicus) in a semi-arid oak-woodland. Journal of Mammalogy 99: 1149-1158. 

Lee, D.E. and W.D. Tietje. Dusky-footed woodrat demography and prescribed fire in a California oak woodland. Journal of Wildlife Management 69: 1211-1220.