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September 29, 2020 - Central Coast Rangeland Updates

  • Forage production, biomass loss and nutrient quality, and toxic plants

Research Updates_Royce Larsen

  • Cattle grazing for fuels reduction and fire safety

Cattle and Fuels Reduction_Devii Rao

  • Trace mineral supplementation, grazing and fire, keyline subsoiling with Yeoman's plow, and compost on rangelands

Research update_Matthew Shapiro


September 12, 2019 - "Central Coast Rangelands Workshop"

From Fuels to Forage Strategic Use of Forage Kochia

Thinking Through Range Improvement Practices

Forage Production and Nutrient Content on Annual Rangelands

Forage and Range Research Team

September 5, 2019 - "Rangeland Management and Erosion Prevention Workshop"

Changing Forage Condtions & Drought, Production and Nutrients

Non-Point Source Pollution Water Quality Regulations

Potential Use of New Plant Releases for Fire Breaks

Rangeland Conservation Rquires Profitable Ranching Operations

Rangeland Water Quality & Erosion Prevention

Tumbleweed Control on California's Central Coast

Environmental Quality Incentives Program

March 26, 2019 - "Ground Squirrel Control Workshop"

Squirrel IPM 2019 - Laura Ramage

CDFA Vertebrate Pest Control - David Kratville

Ground Squirrel Regulations - David Headrick

August 16 - 17, 2017 - "Focus on the Beef Cow Workshop"

Invasive Poisonous Plants - Devii Rao

Livestock Nutrition - Josh Davy

Beef Risk Management - Bridger Feuz

Beef Econ Tools - Bridger Feuz

Foothill Abortion - JL Stott

Dry Wet Cycles - Royce Larsen

Cow Nutrition - Hudson Hill



March 27, 2017 - "How to Control California Ground Squirrels"

Ground Squirrel Control - Dr. David Headrick

Squirrel Biology - Bill Tietje

CDFA Vertebrate Pest Control - David Kratville


March 21, 2016 - "How to Control California Ground Squirrels"

Ground Squirrel Control-Baldwin

Vertebrate Pest Control-Krateville

Ground Squirrel Control-Larsen


March 26, 2014 -"How to Control Ground Squirrels"

Ground Squirrel Life Cycle

Managing Ground Squirrel Populations

Purchasing Federally Restricted Baits

Rodenticides For Ground Squirrel Control 2014


March 18, 2013 - "E. coli and Research related to Livestock, Wildlife, and Leafy Green Production"

WIFSS Research on E. coli in Central Coastal California Dr. Rob Atwill

E. coli in Central Coast Wildlife Dr. Michele Jay-Russell

Risk Factors for E. coli on Cattle Ranches Dr. Royce Larsen

Nutrient Management Technical Note No. 9

Animal Waste, Water Quality & Human Health