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Kelly Hong

About Me


My name is Kelly Hong and I lived in Salinas, California up until I moved to San Luis Obispo (SLO) to attend university at Cal Poly. I graduated with my degree in Nutrition in spring of 2017 and I now call SLO my home. In my free time I enjoy trying new recipes. Right now, I am experimenting with Korean cuisine. I also volunteer at my local church which is made up of an English and Korean congregation (hence the recent interest in Korean food). After graduating I worked at a local hospital and being able to work closely with the patients helped me realize that not everyone has a strong understanding of nutrition. I felt the best way to bridge that gap was to educate individuals, especially the youth, so that they might have better odds of growing up with the tools they need to maintain their personal health and well-being. I was very excited to become a nutrition educator because I now get to live out my passion by sharing my knowledge of nutrition and equipping individuals with appropriate skills to live out a healthy life style.