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Meeting Presentations

July 28, 2021 Westbridge Summer Organic Vegetable Production Webinar

Dara-Arthropod Management in Organic Vegetables

July 14, 2021 12th Annual Santa Maria Strawberry Field Day in Virtual Format

Bolda - What’s the Frequency Lewis. Decodign Lewis Mite in Strawberry

Cobb - advanced.farm

Dara - Improving Integrated Pest & Disease Management with Modern Technologies

Dara - Managing Botrytis Fruit Rot with Chemical & Biological Fungicides

Daugovish - Effect of Fusarium Oxysporum f.sp. Fragariae & Macrophomina Phaseolina Inoculum Density on Strawberry Cultivar Performance

Greer - Multispectral Imaging in Strawberry - Monitoring Crop Health with Regards to Pests & Diseases

Lee - Artificial Intelligence for Yield Prediction & Spider Mite Management

Martin - Regulatory Updates

Peck - Grower Thoughts on Evaluating Varieties for Pest & Disease Management

January 15, 2019 Santa Barbara Nursery and Flower Growers Association Meeting

Dara-Microbial Control in IPM

November 10, 2015 Annual Santa Maria Strawberry Meeting, Santa Maria Library

Fisher-Crop Abatement

Schmid-SB Ag Commissioner's Office-Laws and regulations

Scheck-Growing healthy strawberry transplants

Dara-Strawberry irrigation and pest management

Pathak-Climate influence on strawberry production and pest management practices

Bolda-Powdery Mildew in California Strawberries

Smith & Cahn- Cover crops and El Nino

Brantley-Dominus studies

September 24, 2015 Annual Santa Maria Vegetable Meeting, Bonipak

Cantwell-Postharvest Handling Update- Fresh-cut Vegetables

Dara-Managing Downy Mildew in Beets and Aphids in Celery

Davis and Nunez-Cavity spot Epidemiology

Fennimore-evaluation of Zidua in Celery and Onion

Koike- Coastal California Vegetables- Pathology Update

Schram-Ag Commissioner Laws and Regulations Updates

Smith-Use of Cover Crops to Prepare for El Nino

Turini-New Developments in Tomato and Lettuce Pest Management in California

Whiteford-Mobile Irrigation Labs

 May 6, 2015 annual Santa Maria Strawberry field day, Manzanita Berry Farms

Blecker- Pesticide Worker SafetyTraining Requirements

Blecker-Pesticide Safety Training Requirements for Fieldworkers and Pesticide Handlers English and Spanish

Blecker-Pesticide trends

Sharrett-Irrigation training update


Holden-Biopesticides and biostimulants

November 12, 2014 Annual Santa Maria Strawberry Meeting, Santa Maria Library

Thomas-Mite and Lygus Program Updates

Dara-IPM and New Reserach and Outreach tools

Bolda-Mastering Vinegar Fly and Spotted Wing Drosophila Management in Strawberry

Daugovish-What else can we do with Drip Fumigation

Fennimore-Weed Mangement in Strawberry with Dominus, Temozad, and Herbicides

September 23, 2014 Annual Santa Maria Vegetable Meeting, Bonipak Conference Room- Santa Maria

Schram-Laws and Regulations

Scheck-New Powdery Mildew on Tomatoes

Turini-Important Lettuce Diseases and Their Management

Nunez-Pest and Disease Management in Carrots

Fennimore-Potential New Weed Tools for Lettuce and Spinach

Smith-Evaluation of Automated Thinners for Letuce Production

Joseph-Management of Vegetable Pests in the Salinas Valley


March 26, 2014 Ag Innovations Meeting, Elk's Lodge Santa Maria

Bianchi- A Celebration of Science and Service

Fisher- Tackling Invasive Pest and Disease Challenges

Dara- Thinking Outside the Box-UCCE Research and Extension

Spry- Technology for Improved Land Productivity

Kluko- Green Spirit Farms Sustainable Vertical Farming

Chostner- A Case Study in Lettuce- How Computer Vison and Precision Robotics are Raising Specialty Crop Yields 10 percent

Vougioukas- Advanced Mechanization and Automation for Specialty Crop Production

Horton- Biobest Flying Doctors System

Horton- Nutrimite

Pannu- PCR Multiscan for Quick Diagnosis

Reyes- Grandevo Best Practices and Pipeline Update

Choppakatla-Organic Pest Management in Strawberries and Caneberries- Available Materials from Biosafe Systems

Miller- Torac and Bexar Update

McNally- Bayer Crop Science Label Update

Bangarwa-BASF Product & Research Update

Cabrera-Far More Expect More Seed Treatment Program



November 20, 2013 Annual Strawberry Meeting, Santa Maria

Bolda-Review of Strawberry Transplanting

Dara-Strawberry Pests & Diseases- IPM Studies & the Pallidosis-related Decline

Fennimore-Stawberry Production with and without Fumigants

Klonsky-Economic Consideration of Alternatives to Fumigation and Second Year Strawberries

Koike-Update on Soilborne, Foliar, and Fruit Diseases of Strawberry

Larson-Southern California Strawberry Research Update 11-20-2013

Martin-Laws, Regulations, and Labels- Getting through the Fume Season

Thomas-Re-evaluating Lygus Bug IPM

September 17, 2013 Vegetable Meeting, Santa Maria

Blecker-Pesticide Use Cilantro

Cahn-Managing Water and Nitrogen of Vegetables

Campbell-Update on Pesticde Laws and Regulations

Cantwell-Postharvest Update for leafy vegetables

Dara-Managing Vegetable Pests

Fennimore-Intra-row cultivation & Lettuce thinning

Giles-Unmanned Aircraft for Spraying Specialty Crops

Koike-Diseases of Coastal Vegetable Crops

Koike-E.coli and Salmonella

Scheck-Plant Pest Disease Diagnostic Services

Short-Population Biology of Verticillium

Smith-Nutrient Management Update for Vegetables

June 27, 2013 Mite Pest Meeting, Watsonville

Chemical, Botanical, and Microbial Solutions for Managing Spider Mites

May 03, 2013 Strawberry Field Day, Manzanita Berry Farms Santa Maria

Cangelosi-Preparing to fumigate

Dara-New technologies for strawberry plant health and yield

Muramoto, Shennan-Anaerobic soil disinfestation

Peck-Reduced sprinkler irrigation

Styles-Modified irrigation methods

April 25, 2013 PAPA Seminar, Santa Maria

Two Invasive Pests-Eurpean Pepper Moth and Bagrada Bug

April 18, 2013 Lygus Bug Seminar, Watsonville

Biological and Microbial Control of Lygus Bug in Strawberries

UC ANR 2013 Statewide Conference April 8-11

Managing strawberry and vegetable pests with Beauveria bassiana

March 22, 2012 Strawberry Field Day with CRCD for Whitefly and Spider mite Control

Whitefly and spider mite control

November 27, 2012 Annual Strawberry Production and Pest Management Meeting by Surendra Dara

Martin-Scheduled Changes for Fumigant Use 2012

Reid-Public Policy Update

Dara-Pest Management

Fennimore-Soil Disinfestation in Strawberry with Steam

Larson-Southern California Research Update

Scheck-Diagnosing Strawberry Root and Crown Diseases

Dara-Field Evaluation of Fungicides for Managing Powdery Mildew and Gray Mold

Muramoto-Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation in California Strawberries

Thomas-2012 Lygus Research Summary

September 26, 2012 Food Safety and Postharvest Handling of Vegetables by Surendra Dara

Zischke-California Leafy Greens Research Program

Long-Global GAP and Food Safety Audits

Cantwell-Postharvest Handling of Brassicas and Leafy Greens

June 7, 2012 Annual Santa Maria Vegetable Meeting by Surendra Dara

Martin-Laws and Regulations

Scheck-Important Diseases

Dara-Thrips Management on Lettuce and Overview of Eurpoean Pepper Moth

Cahn-Tools for Improving Irrigation Management of Vegetables

Heinrich, Love, Smith-Nitrogen Uptake Dynamics of Spinach

Subbarao-Verticillium wilt and new species

May 11, 2012 Strawberry Field Day by Surendra Dara

Shennon-Anaerobic soil disinfestation

Hartz-Strawberry plant nutrient sufficiency levels

Cahn-Irrigation management in strawberries

Styles-Media filters

Styles-Sprinkler and drip irrigation in strawberries

Reduced sprinkler trial 2011-planted yield

Meertens-Pesticide usage in strawberry production and water quality

Regulatory and Fumigation Update

December 09, 2011 Annual Strawberry Production and Pest Management Meeting by Surendra Dara

CSC Regulatory and Research Update-Dan Legard and Hillary Thomas

Pathogens of Regulatory Significance for the Santa Mara area-Heather Scheck

Fumigation and alternatives Update for Soil-borne Pests-Oleg Daugovish, et al.

Methods to Reduce Fumigant Emissions-Husein Ajwa

Review of strawberry Diseases in California-Steven Koike

Powdery Mildew and Arthropod Pest Management in Strawberries-Surendra Dara

Southern California Pomology Research Update-Kirk Larson

September 2, 2011 Food Safety and Postharvest Handling of Vegetables
by Surendra Dara

UCGAPS Overview of Produce Supply-Chain Food Safety-Trevor Suslow

Food Safety Begins on the Farm-Richard Molinar

Audit Verification Checklist-Richard Molinar

Postharvest Handling Update for Vegetables-Marita Cantwell

June 21, 2011 Vegetable Pest, Disease, Nutrient and Nutrient Management Meeting by Surendra Dara

Irrigation Effects on Nitrogen Management of Lettuce-Michael Cahn et al.

Nutrient Management in Vegetable Production-Richard Smith

Evaluation of Insect Repellents and Barriers as Methods of Control-Joe Nunez

Pesticides...Things to Consider-Susan Bryant

Coastal California Vegetables: Plant Disease Update-Steven Koike

May 11, 2011 "Strawberry Irrigation and Nutrient Management" Field Day by Surendra Dara

Update from Central Coast Water Quality Control Board-Corine Huckaby

Practical Experiences of Irrigation Management- David Peck

Water-use Application and Salinity Evaluation- Styles

Strawberry Performance with Reduced Sprinkler and Drip-Only Systems-Oleg Daugovish

Low Residue Cover Crops for Controlling Sediment and Pesticide Movement in Strawberries -Mike Cahn

Fertilizer Management in Strawberry Production - Tim Hartz

April 14, 2011 Strawberry Field Day Presentation by Surendra Dara

Strawberry Pest Management Issues in Santa Maria