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Tree fruit, Citrus, Avocado, and Nuts

Local field research is conducted by Cooperative Extension advisors, in cooperation with University of California Extension Specialists, Experiment Station personnel and growers. Research efforts target new crops and varieties that are best adapted to local growing conditions and markets. Irrigation, fertilization, and soil management research helps growers use natural resources effectively. Innovations in cultural practices and pest control help local growers produce an abundance of fruits, nuts, cereal grains, vegetables and other crops with environmentally sensitive methods.

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  • pruning tree 3
    Trees Can Hurt

    Pruning trees is dangerous. You think you know which way that branch is going to drop, and instead it falls right on your head. Good thing you are wearing a helmet, but a big limb is not going to be stopped by a helmet. A recent report out of Penn State...

    By Ben Faber
    Author - Advisor
  • avocado  collapse
    All Those Questions and Some Answers

    Santa Barbara County Coastal Gardener This garden column provides information on home, garden and landscape problems. It was created by Frank Laemmlen Ph.D., Farm Advisor Emeritus in the Santa Barbara County Cooperative Extension Office. The original...

    By Ben Faber
    Author - Advisor
  • conyza abandoned
    Weeds in the Fields Questions

    In the 5 years I've been with UCCE, I have received a few recurring weed-related questions. I've certainly had some unique requests, like how to deal with fig trees invading a livestock water pipeline, or whether filaree might be harmful to guinea pigs...

    By Rebecca Ozeran