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Natural Resources of the Central Coast

Natural History of the Central Coast Bioregion
Natural History of the Central Coast Bioregion is one of the 11 bioregion publications being developed for the California Naturalists Program. Plain language, common plant and animal names, and short paragraphs are supported with over 65 high-quality photographs, four maps, two diagrams, ten vignettes, and 70 references for further reading. The Central Coast Bioregion, an area between the Pacific Ocean and the San Joaquin Valley, and extending from Monterey south to Santa Barbara, is home to wildly popular and lesser known destinations. Well known areas described in the publication include the Big Sur Coast, the estuaries at Elkhorn Slough and Morro Bay, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Some of the hidden gems are Pinnacles National Park, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, and the Gardens of the La Purisima Mission. Together, the authors describe the origins and present composition of the region's environments: “Across the region's 15,000 square miles, physical, and biological processes, combined with time and human actions, have resulted in a broad range of ecosystems, each harboring a distinct assemblage of plants and animals.” The publication uses engaging vignettes to highlight local conservationists, regional wildlife, historical and contemporary restoration efforts, and interesting places to explore. It begins with a brief history of the region, providing context to descriptions of subsequent environmental and land-use changes, a reminder to readers that while the future of the central coast is uncertain, it will be shaped by our actions. Find the publication at: Link to PDF