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Update- Nutrition Education

A quarterly publication, for San Luis Obispo County professionals working in the areas of Nutrition, Food Safety, and Consumer Economics.

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Retirement Announcement

Shirley Peterson announces her retirement.

PDF 6/20/11
Change in venue for May 18th Making Every Dollar Count

The Making Every Dollar Count training on Wednesday May 18 will now be held at: Chumash Resort Hotel-Oak Room 3400 East Hwy 246, Santa Ynez.

Since the venue has been changed, the early registration deadline date has been extended to Friday May 13, 2011.  Hope you can join us for this train-the-trainer program that focuses on helping clientele get the most for their money so they have adequate resources to buy a healthy diet.

3 continuing education units for registered dietitians and diet techs

PDF 5/10/11
Making Every Dollar Count Workshop

May 18, 2011 9:00-Noon
UCCE Auditorium, 2156 Sierra Way San Luis Obispo
A Train-the-trainer program on money management issues for limited-resources, limited literacy audiences

Learn how to train others to manage money during these rough times!

PDF 4/14/11
High School Financial Planning Program Training & Money Talks for Teens How to prepare and teach financial literacy classes: Only 17 spaces left! PDF 11/1/10
Update Oct, 2010 Includes Upcoming Events Menu and Vending Labeling,Mymoney.gov,Energy Drinks, Research Briefs and more... PDF 10/1/10
Eat Smart & Play Hard Workshop Reminder: May 7, 2010 "Let's Eat Smart & Play Hard" Workshop A Train-the Trainer Program PDF 4/6/10
Update Spring 2010 Nutrition, Food Safety and Consumer Economics Information Spring 2010 Edition- includes articles on food-label use, discount Rx cards, the costs of foodborne illness and more...plus, info and registration for the upcoming "Eat Smart & Play Hard Together" workshop! PDF 3/16/10
Best Practices in Health Promotion Best Practices in Health Promotion is a tri-county health forum for educators, care providers, and others who promote health. The forum is being held on Friday, April 9 from 9 AM-3 PM in Santa Barbara and costs $10. Five nursing credits available for additional $10. PDF 3/8/10
Earned Income Tax Credit Webinar 02/25/10 Join us for a free webinar on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Dr. Karen Varcoe, Consumer Economic Specialist at UC Riverside will lead this training and share what is the EITC, who is eligible, and how easy it is to apply for this extra money. PDF 2/16/10
Making Every Dollar Count Workshop Reminder Just a reminder to sign up for this train-the-trainer program on money management PDF 1/26/10
Winter 2010 Update The complete issue including upcoming events and summary of 2009 Credit Card Act PDF 1/4/10
Using Educational Games to Improve Learners' Outcomes A Train-the Trainer Workshop March 10th and 11, 2010 PDF 1/4/10
Making Every Dollar Count Workshop Managing in Tough Times: A Train-the Trainer Program on Money Management PDF 1/4/10
Update Spring 2009 Nutrition, Food Safety, and Consumer Economics Information Spring 2009 Edition PDF 4/22/09
Dietary Fiber-New Facts New Foods Conference -March 5 Santa Maria -March 6 San Luis Obispo PDF 2/10/09
Update Winter 2009 Nutrition, Food Safety & Consumer Economics Information Winter 2009 Edition PDF 1/16/09
Update Nutrition, Food Safety & Consumer Economics Information Fall 2008 Edition PDF 10/21/08
Make It Safe, Keep It Safe! Workshop Make It Safe, Keep It Safe! A Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Program PDF 10/6/08
Update, Summer 08 Nutrition, Food Safety & Consumer Economics Information Summer 2008 Edition PDF 8/6/08
Update Summer 08 Attachments Here are the brochure & order form that should have been attached to your newsletter. Sorry for the inconvenience :-) PDF 3/31/10
Early Infant Feeding Registration Update Now you can register online at: http://ucanr.org/early-infant-feeding Friday, September 5, 2008 9 am to 12 noon Cooperative Extension Auditorium PDF 7/14/08
Nutrition & Aging, Issues & Trends - Reminder Friday, May 30, 2008 1:30 - 4:45pm at the SLO UCCE Auditorium PDF 5/2/08
Nutrition & Aging, Issues & Trends Friday May 30, 2008 Seminar for health and family related professionals. PDF 3/17/08
Update Winter 2008 -Increasing Children's Fruit & Vegetable Consumption -A Quick Guide to Queso -U.S. Grain Consumption -New WIC Food Packages -New Nutrient Posters -Creating healthy Families DVD -Color Additives -Camera Ready Resources PDF 12/18/08
Make It Safe, Keep it Safe! A Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Program for Health & Family Service Professionals on Dec.7, 2007 PDF 9/11/08
Update Newsletter Fall 2007 -Spot the Block -What's in Foods Marketed to Kids? -New Information from UCB Center for Weight & Health -New Ruling for Dietary Supplements -Hispanics' Long Term Health Risks -Sleep Patterns & Obesity in Children -Infant Feeding Trends over 25 years -Busy Families and Mealtime -Make it Safe, Keep it Safe - Register for Class on 12/7/07 PDF 8/4/08
Seminar: Promoting Positive Feeding Environments for Children A seminar for health and family-related professionals on promoting positive feeding environments for children. PDF 7/17/08
High School Financial Planning Program Training Free Training Program scheduled for Aug. 15, 2007 PDF 7/9/08
Update Newsletter Summer 2007 PDF 6/27/08
Update Spring 2007 Insert PDF 8/26/08
Update Newsletter Spring 2007 Spring 2007 Meet Labelman Parenting Resources Working With Hispanic Audiences More Foodborne Illness Reported PDF 2/11/10
New Food Allergens Labels PDF 1/13/08
Winter 2007 - My Acticity Pyramid Resources - Resources for Serving Ethnic Audiences - Camera Ready Copies Diabetes Learning to live with diabetes - The New Allergen Food Label Conference Registration PDF 12/27/07
Cultural Competency & Obesity Conference September 8, 2006 Culturally Competent Approaches for the Prevention and Intervention of Obesity PDF 5/27/08
Summer 2006 -Added Sugar in Common Foods -Food Marketing & Childhood Obesity Recommendations -School Nutrution By Design -New Cooking Temps for Poultry -United Nations Resources -Camera Ready Copies - Inserts PDF 11/8/10
Reminder Coop. Extension Showcase PDF 11/8/10
Spring 2006 - Do More, Watch Less - Vegetarian Nutrition Resources List for Consumers. - Quick Money & Retirement Facts - Successful Grassroots Health and Wellness Programs: Exploring Common Traits - Pilot Test Sites Sought - Camera - Ready Resources - How America Eats PDF 12/10/07
Winter 2006 - Eating Disorders Promoted by Bracelets - My Pyramid Updates - Increase in Obesity among Asian-American Immigrant Children in United States - Is it done yet? - Toll-Free Number gives the Public Easy Access to Sound Nutrition Information - Recipe Finder PDF 11/8/10
Winter 2005 - Popular Children & Weight Resource is Updated - Latino Briefs Digest - Foodborne Illness and Young Children - Local Mussels - Resources - Upcoming Events - 2005 Dietary Guidelines For Americans (insert) - Current Concerns Regarding Safe Fish Consumption (insert) PDF 11/8/10
Fall 2004 - Adult FSNEP Returns - Youth FSNEP Continued Successes - Maternal & Infant Nutrition Briefs - Update Available Electronically - USDA Research Updates - Fit for Fall - Leading Causes of Death PDF 11/8/10
Summer 2003 - Parkinson's Disease Linked to High Iron Intake - National "Do Not Call" Registary - Organic Labeling - Walk to School Day-October 8 - Camera Ready Resource - Nutrition Briefs from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. - Resources PDF 11/8/10
Spring 2003 - Diabetes and Hispanics: New Reasearch New Curriculum. - Food Safety--Changing Consumer Knowledge & Behavior. - At Your Fingertips: Nation's Best Nutrient Data. PDF 11/8/10
Fall 2002 -Subscription Renewal Time -New Program Helps Parents Pack Healthy Lunches for Preschool Children -Reducing Unsolicited Phone Calls and Mail PDF 6/23/08
Spring 2002 -Food Safety Facts PDF 1/5/09
Winter 2001 -School Nutrutuion Changes -Food Industry Issues Voluntary Guidelines for Labeling Allergens -Mothers' Milk Consumption Predicts Children's Milk Consumption PDF 2/7/08
Summer 2001 What is Cooperative Extension? PDF 11/8/10
Spring 2001 -Inner Secret of Deadly E. coli Revealed -Use of Cough and Cold Mediciane During Breastfeeding -What is a Healthy Weight PDF 8/24/09
Winter 2000 Food Safety Issue PDF 7/8/08