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April 8 Water Quality and Ranching Workshop

Ken Tate and Rob Atwill (University of California, Davis) will be discussing their research investigating pollution of surface waters by fecal wastes originating from grazing lands. Topics will include concerns over animal health, and water quality for human uses (recreation, drinking, and irrigation of fresh food crops); sources of these pollutants (i.e., wildlife, livestock, humans); the management of environmental conditions which create risk; and the management options available to reduce these risks.

The seminar will take place Friday, April 8 from 3-4:30pm, in the Agriculture Engineering lecture hall room 123 at CAL POLY.

This event is open to the public as well as to the campus community. The second page of this flyer has information on campus parking, for those who need it. We are arranging the presentation with the aim of allowing adequate time for a good interaction with the audience (program will continue until at least 5pm if needed for that).

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