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Livestock- Range- Watershed- Oaks

Livestock-Range- Watershed- Oaks

A newsletter addressing Watershed, Livestock, and Rangeland issues and related topics (including oaks and oak woodlands) for ranchers in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties.

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Ranching Sustainability

Please use the link below for information and materials regarding Ranching Sustainability. The  link in the attached flier appears to be broken. However the link to register is intact.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you! 

PDF 2/14/17
February 14, 2017

Please use the link below for information and materials regarding Ranching Sustainability. The  link in the attached flier appears to be broken. However the link to register is intact.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you! 

PDF 2/14/17
Ranching Sustainability Workshop March 9, 2017

Please see the attached flier containing information and link to registration for the upcoming Ranching Sustainability Workshop.


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PDF 2/14/17
Ranching Sustainability Workshop March 9, 2017

Please see the attached flier containing information and link to registration for the upcoming Ranching Sustainability Workshop.


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PDF 2/14/17
Knocking Out Noxious Weeds on Rangelands PDF 10/11/16
Facts about Oak Galls

Please see the attached information about Oak Galls

PDF 9/28/16
Wild Pig Damage Survey

Please see the attached information about wild pigs.

PDF 8/25/16
Preserving the Cowboy Side of Calif - Field Day

Please see the attached flier regarding information on the upcoming Ranching Lifestyle Field Day "Cowboy Side of California"  

PDF 8/10/16
Winter 2016 PDF 2/19/16
Spring/Summer 2015 PDF 6/1/15
RSA Workshop Announcement

Click on the link for details and to register!


PDF 9/11/14
Summer 2014 PDF 7/17/14
Winter 2014

Ground squirrel and drought issues, workshop meetings and more...

PDF 1/15/14
Summer 2013

Early Leaf Drop on Central Coast Oaks, Labeling Changes for Rodent Baits, Ranching Sustainability Analysis Workshop and more...

PDF 7/26/13
"Ties to the Land" Workshop

Learn simple techniques on how to pass land and its legacy on to the next generation!

Click on the attached for details and to register.

PDF 5/30/13
E coli Workshop

Workshop: E Coli Research related to Livestock, Wildlife, and Leafy Green Production

Monday March 18, 2013 8:00am to Noon in Templeton.  Please click on the link for details and to register.  Hope to see you there!

PDF 2/15/13
Winter 2013

Megastorms, Acute Death in Neonatal Beef, Tannins- are They Good or Bad?  and much more...

PDF 1/3/13
July 25 Workshop-Squirrel Control

...a workshop hosted by the University of California Cooperative Extension and the San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner

"How to Control Ground Squirrels for Orchards, Vineyards, Pastures, and Rangelands"

See the attached for details

PDF 7/5/12
Newsletter article correction

Please see the attached document which provides a better version of the charts that were included in the Spring Newsletter article entiled, "Droughts or Floods, Which will it be."  Our apologies for the printing glitch.

PDF 3/23/12
Spring 2012

Soil Food Web, Floods or Drought? Announcements and more...

PDF 3/9/12
Winter 2011

A new Strategy for Blue Oaks, Conservation and Management of Rangelands, Better nutrition and weight gain for animals?  and more...

PDF 11/21/11
Oak Woodland Management Workshop

Workshop fee: $10.00 (includes morning snack and lunch)

RSVP for the workshop and lunch selection to
or call 805-434-0396 Ext 5

Location: 12820 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446

For details and agenda, click on the link.

PDF 9/14/11
Winter Annual Field Crops Meeting Aug. 24, 2011

Topic: New Potential for Winter Annual Field Crops in Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties 

Guest Speakers: Dr. Kaffka and Dr. Jenner

August 24, 2011
3:30 pm

Agricultural Commissioner's Office Auditorium
350 N. Main Street

Please see attached flyer for more details...

PDF 8/16/11
Spring 2011

The "Waterboxx," Native Tree Committee, Habitat Conservation, Meeting Announcement and more...

PDF 6/8/11
April 8 Water Quality and Ranching Workshop

Ken Tate and Rob Atwill (University of California, Davis) will be discussing their research investigating pollution of surface waters by fecal wastes originating from grazing lands. Topics will include concerns over animal health, and water quality for human uses (recreation, drinking, and irrigation of fresh food crops); sources of these pollutants (i.e., wildlife, livestock, humans); the management of environmental conditions which create risk; and the management options available to reduce these risks.

The seminar will take place Friday, April 8 from 3-4:30pm, in the Agriculture Engineering lecture hall room 123 at CAL POLY.

This event is open to the public as well as to the campus community. The second page of this flyer has information on campus parking, for those who need it. We are arranging the presentation with the aim of allowing adequate time for a good interaction with the audience (program will continue until at least 5pm if needed for that).

PDF 4/4/11
Fall 2010 Range Management and Water Quality, Animal Disease Response and more.. PDF 11/5/10
Preparing For Drought Workshop Upcoming workshop on October 28, 2010! Preparing for Drought on Rangeland, Looking at short and long-term weather patterns with John Lindsey, PG&E Meteorologist, Ten years of forage data, Protecting soil and erosion control, Impacts on wildlife and much more... PDF 9/30/10
"Slow Down Water" RSA Tailgate, 28 Sept 2010 a morning ranch tailgate workshop on - erosion control and - a Ranching Sustainability Analysis (RSA) self-assessment exercise 28 Sept 2010 at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield FREE! PDF 9/10/10
Agritourism workshop, 22 Sept 2010 Alternative Ranching Enterprises Rancher Perspectives Evaluating Your Resources Permits, Regulations, and Risk Management Business Planning, Marketing, and Promotions Optional Tour of Camatta Ranch PDF 8/26/10
Grazing Values workshop, 21 June 2010 Amenities and Other Public Values Ecosystem Services Sustainable Food Systems Rancher Perspectives Panel Discussion PDF 6/16/10
Trail Cameras workshop, 25 May 2010 Viewing Wildlife with Trail Cameras Rural Crime Prevention How to Choose & Use Trail Cameras Examples on the Miller Moth Ranch PDF 4/21/10
Livestock & Weeds workshop, 29 April 2010 Livestock Foraging Behavior Training Livestock to Eat Weeds Demonstration of Livestock-Weed Trials by Cal Poly students PDF 3/25/10
Spring 2010 New Antibiotics for Cattle Chicago Climate Exchange Soil Carbon Sequestration Upcoming Workshops PDF 3/25/10
Ranchers Workshop-Dec 9th Oak Regeneration, EQIP Projects, Ranching Sustainability Analysis, Rangeland Photo Monitoring, Assessing Residual Dry Matter, CCRC Monitoring PDF 11/17/09
Rancher's Workshop-May 27th! Ranching Sustainability Self-assessment Project, BEHAVE Program, History of Grasslands Workshop PDF 5/15/09
Spring 2009 Announcements The BEHAVE Program at USU Prepare for Bad Fly Season in 2009 Farm Water Quality Program Update PDF 5/7/09
Winter 2007 -Cattle Health -Drought in Oak Woodland -Drought and Acorns -Cattle Distribution -Drought and Grazing PDF 11/14/08
Summer 2007 * Steelhead in the UpperSalinas Watershed * Meet Amy Breschini PDF 7/15/08
Trees, Streams and Fish in Upper Salinas River Workshop PDF 6/18/08
August 2006 Central Coast Oak Survey UCD Vet News PDF 1/15/08
AFRICIANIZED HONEY BEES-Press Release NEWS RELEASE from the San Luis Obispo Agriculture Commissioner's office on the Africianized Honey Bees. PDF 11/8/10
FORAGING BEHAVIOR -- WORKSHOP FORAGING BEHAVIOR: Managing to Survive in a World of Change. This workshop will feature the new book "Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive in a World of change" which covers Behavioral Principals for Human, Animal, Vegetation, and Ecosystem Management by Dr. Frederick Provenza. We will present new research on Principals of changing animal behavior, people, and ecosystems. PDF 11/8/10
October 2005 - Announcements - Trichomonosis Update - Livestock Pond Fee Update - SWRCB News Release on Fees - Rainfall and Forage Variability PDF 11/8/10
March 2005 - Announcements - Livestock Cloning - The Role of Fire in Rangeland Management - West Nile Virus Update - Farm Water Quality Short Courses PDF 11/8/10
August 2004 - Announcements o Conditional Waiver o Native Tree Award - Update on the Ranch Water Quality Short Course - Stock Pond Fee PDF 4/28/09
Winter 2004 - Annoucements - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - West Nile Virus Update - Fire Effects in Oak Woodlands - Average Rainfall & Perennial grass seeding PDF 11/8/10
October 2003 · Announcements · West Nile Virus Update · Reproductive Performance · Range Seeding · Perennial Grass Seeding Risks · Preventing Erosion This Winter PDF 11/8/10
July 2003 - Living with Fire - BSE: What's The Latest - Pine Needle Abortion - Locoweed Toxicity PDF 11/8/10
February 2003 -Announcements -Sudden Oak Death Symposium -New Drug for Pneumonia -Bovine Tuberculosis in California -Rainfall Records in Paso Robles PDF 11/8/10
July 2002 - Announcements - Pinkeye Therapy - Agri-tourism - Drought and Climate Change PDF 11/8/10
July 2001 -Invasive Noxious Weeds -Another Approach to Weaning Your Calves -The California Trichomoniasis Control Program -Voluntary Testing Reportable Disease -Mandatory Testing of Imported Bulls PDF 11/8/10
March 2001 -Range Improvement Annual Meeting -Grazing Study on Intermittent Streams -Forest Plan Revision -Ranch Water Quality Short Course PDF 2/12/09
March 2002 -Annoucements -Control Burns -Riparian Literature -Weaning PDF 8/19/08
November 2001 - Anthrax - Watershed Management and Non-Point Source Pollution - Biosecurity Considerations for Ranches PDF 8/19/08
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