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The Ag & Natural Resources Committee of San Luis Obispo County promotes the education and stewardship throughout the county.

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29 April 2011 guided hike on the Learning Among the Oaks trail

Invitation to LATO hike guided by the Santa Margarita School Oak Ambassaders (selected 5th/6th grade students) with the LATO Team and Partners.
Friday, 29 April 2011, 9:30-11:30 AM
Must RSVP before 25 April - see the newsletter/flyer for details

4/18/11 Download
(2,446KB PDF)
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 15 April 2011

Help us kick off California Native Plant Week!
Special topic - "Atascadero Native Tree Association Planting Projects"
Visit planting sites at Paloma Creek Park, Las Lomas, and Heilman Grove.  Led by Joan O'Keefe and Tina Salter.

4/13/11 Download
(859KB PDF)
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 18 March 2011

Special topic - "Tree Planting at Whale Rock Reservoir"
Site visit and planting demonstration for native tree restoration and slope stabilization.  Led by Lionel Johnston of One Cool Earth.

3/14/11 Download
(137KB PDF)
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 18 Feb 2011

Special topic - "Central Coast Weather for 2011 with PG&E Meteorologist John Lindsey". 

Note the revised time (11AM-1PM) and place (PG&E office at 6588 Ontatio Road south of SLO).

2/16/11 Download
(55KB PDF)
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 17 Sept 2010 Special topic - "Pennington Creek Restoration and Nature Path" Presentation/Tour at Pennington Creek just off Rt 1 in SLO. Led by Lionel Johnston and Greg Ellis of One Cool Earth. 9/14/10 Download
"Slow Down Water" RSA Tailgate, 28 Sept 2010 a morning ranch tailgate workshop on - erosion control and - a Ranching Sustainability Analysis (RSA) self-assessment exercise 28 Sept 2010 at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield FREE! 9/10/10 Download
Agritourism workshop, 22 Sept 2010 Alternative Ranching Enterprises Rancher Perspectives Evaluating Your Resources Permits, Regulations, and Risk Management Business Planning, Marketing, and Promotions Optional Tour of Camatta Ranch 8/26/10 Download
Native Tree Award 2010 - Media Release Congratulations to Sue & Karl Luft (Luft Vineyard), recipients of the NTC's 2010 Native Tree Stewardship Award. 8/12/10 Download
NTC Meeting Minutes 5-21-10 notes from NTC meeting, 21 May 2010 8/12/10 Download
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 16 July 2010 Special topic - "Blue Oak Regeneration Trials on the Canyon Ranch: 25 Years Later" Presentation/Tour at the Sinton's Canyon Ranch. Led by Bill Weitkamp and Jim Sinton. 7/8/10 Download
Grazing Values workshop, 21 June 2010 Amenities and Other Public Values Ecosystem Services Sustainable Food Systems Rancher Perspectives Panel Discussion 6/16/10 Download
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 18 June 2010 Special Topic - "Oak Habitat Conservation" Presentation/Tour at the Luft Vineyard. This tailgate is co-sponsored by the Central Coast Vineyard Team. 6/15/10 Download
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 21 May 2010 Special Topic - "Ecological Programs at Wolff Vineyards" Presentation/Tour 5/13/10 Download
Trail Cameras workshop, 25 May 2010 Topics include: - Viewing Wildlife with Trail Cameras - Rural Crime Prevention - How to Choose & Use Trail Cameras - Examples on the Miller Moth Ranch 4/21/10 Download
NTC Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 16 April 2010 Special Topic - 5th Anniversary "Learning Among the Oaks" Tour 4/9/10 Download
NTC Meeting Minutes 3-19-10 notes from NTC meeting, 19 Mar 2010 includes information about California botanist John Tucker 4/6/10 Download
Native Tree Stewardship Award 2010 - Call for Nominees 2010 Award Program, Application/Nomination Form, Deadline June 11th 4/1/10 Download
Livestock & Weeds workshop, 29 April 2010 Planned Topics include: - Livestock Foraging Behavior - Training Livestock to Eat Weeds - Demonstration of Livestock-Weed Trials by Cal Poly Students 3/31/10 Download
NTC meeting announcement and agenda for 19 March 2010   3/17/10 Download
NTC Meeting Minutes 2-19-10 notes from NTC meeting, 19 Feb 2010 4/6/10 Download
City of SLO Arbor Day celebration, 1 May 2010 Invitation to celebrate Arbor Day on May 1st, 2010, with the City of San Luis Obispo. 2/19/10 Download
NTC meeting announcement and agenda for 19 Feb 2010   2/16/10 Download
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