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San Luis Obispo Agritourism Intensive 2021
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Contact: Penny Leff - 530-902-9763
Sponsor: AC ANR

A Class for San Luis Obispo County and surrounding region farmers!

Are you considering agritourism or nature tourism on your farm or ranch? Would you like to expand your current agritourism or nature tourism business?

This class is for you!

Local agritourism operators will share their own experiences and will be part of a supportive network of advisors as class participants plan and start new enterprises.

• Participants will learn from experts in business planning, regulatory compliance, risk management, hospitality and cost-effective marketing, including social media.

• The hands-on, interactive activities will guide participants as they assess their own farms or ranches for agritourism potential and start their own business, risk management and marketing plans.

• Each participant will receive by US mail a free copy of the extensive handbook, "Agritourism and Nature Tourism in California," used as a text for the class.

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