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Monthly Master Food Preserver Newsletter

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Pantry Press August 2019 (926KB)

This edition highlights the youth library work on the coast in Los Osos and Morro Bay where they learned how to make both sweet and sour foods that are preserved.

PDF 8/16/19
Pantry Press July 2019 (823KB)

This edition focused on our pie class in June as well as information about our county wide pressure gauge testing during the month of July.

PDF 8/16/19
Pantry Press June 2019 (948KB)

This issue highlights our Intro to Canning and Berry classes.

PDF 6/28/19
Pantry Press April-May 2019 Issue (845KB)

This issue highlights the success of our first yogurt and cheese class.  Included was information recently published by the CDC regarding a botulism outbreak in 2018 where home food preservation techniques were used improperly resulting in severe illness.

PDF 6/4/19
Pantry Press March 2019 (1,307KB)

This edition highlights our first two public classes of 2019.

PDF 3/7/19
Pantry Press February 2019 (887KB)

This edition features our "hands on" class.

PDF 2/27/19
Pantry Press December 2018 (1,465KB)

This newsletter highlights recent UC Master Food Preserver activities as well as a recipe for baked brie using a fruit jam in the recipe.

PDF 12/13/18
Pantry Press November 2018 (1,082KB)

This edition highlights food safety tips for the holiday season and features a baked brie with a jam filling!

PDF 11/16/18
Pantry Press October 2018 (346KB)

This edition highlights a seasonal recipe using cubed pumpkin and fall spices.  

PDF 10/17/18
Pantry Press September 2018 (495KB)

This edition highlights a recipe using tomatillos for a bright green salsa!

PDF 10/17/18
Pantry Press July-August 2018 (661KB)

This edition highlights a recipe for making fruit crumble using either fresh or frozen fruit.  

PDF 10/17/18
Pantry Press June 2018 (501KB)

This edition highlights blackberry jam and a chicken recipe using it as part of the sauce.

PDF 6/20/18
Pantry Press May 2018 (607KB)

This edition includes information on how to make yogurt at home and a muffin recipe using yogurt in it.

PDF 6/20/18
Pantry Press April 2018 (676KB)

Volune 2, Issue 4 highlights a recipe for cookies using applesauce and various activities Master Food Preservers have been participating in.

PDF 4/3/18
Pantry Press March 2018 (489KB)

Volume 2, Issue 3 of the Pantry Press newsletter.  This issue highlights a recipe for pickled asparagus and announces our first public class in Santa Barbara County.

PDF 3/1/18
Pantry Press February 2018 (436KB)

This edition highlights process for making and using preserved lemons.

PDF 6/20/18
Pantry Press January 2018 (403KB)

Volume 2 Issue 1.  This edition highlights how to make and freeze your own baby food.

PDF 1/3/18
Pantry Press December 2017 (519KB)

Volume 1 Issue 10.  This edition highlights how to make "Spirited Apricots" for the holiday season.

PDF 1/3/18
Pantry Press November 2017 (484KB)

Volume 1, issue 9 of the Pantry Press highlighting steam canning and ways to use frozen green tomato puree.

PDF 11/3/17
Pantry Press October 2017 (351KB)

This issue addresses how to safely preserve pumpkin butter, puree, and pie filling.

PDF 10/4/17
Pantry Press September 2017 (663KB)

This is the September 2017 issue of the Master Food Preservers of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties' newsletter, Pantry Press.  This edition highlights a jalapeno jelly recipe and some "Fun Facts".

PDF 8/29/17
Pantry Press July-August 2017 (355KB)

 Volume 1, issue 5 of the Master Food Preservers of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties monthly newsletter, Pantry Press.  This issue highlights using your tomato and pepper bounty by making salsa and safely canning it at home.

PDF 7/5/17
Pantry Press June 2017 (360KB)

Volume 1, issue 4 of the Master Food Preserver's of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties monthly newsletter, Pantry Press.

PDF 6/5/17
Pantry Press May 2017 (403KB)

3rd issue of the 1st volume of the Pantry Press-showcasing blackberries

PDF 5/1/17
Pantry Press April 2017 (495KB)

This is the second issue of the first volume of the Pantry Press.  This month's highlight is strawberries.

PDF 4/3/17
Pantry Press March 2017 (697KB)

Our first edition of the Master Food Preserver's Program of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.  Included in this edition is information about Preserving Lemons and who the Master Food Preservers are for both counties.

PDF 3/23/17
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