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In this article find information about preserving apples.

PDF 1/23/17
Canning Basics_Learning a New Skill

This article describes the basic essentials of home canning.

PDF 5/12/17
DIY Holiday Gifts

This article highlights ways to make gifts from you home preserved foods.

PDF 9/18/17
Enjoying the Bounty of Tomatoes

Learn tips on how to select, store, and enjoy tomatoes!

PDF 1/23/17
Fermentation Workshop

Article explaining basic procedures of fermentation specific to sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha.  Published in The Tribune 4/19/17.

PDF 4/21/17
Freezing Citrus

In this article, find information about how to freeze citrus juice for use in recipes year round.

PDF 2/16/17
Get Funky with Fermentation

This article describes fermentation as a process for food preservation highlighting sauerkraut.

PDF 9/18/17
Get Ready for a Bountiful Canning Season!

This article describes the steps involved in checking all of your canning equipment for safety and usability. Published 3/10/17 in The Atascadero News and The Paso Robles Press. 

PDF 3/23/17
Holiday Food Safety

The winter holidays are upon us and many of us are thinking about putting that beautiful fall feast together for the Thanksgiving holiday, but be sure to practice food safety during each step of the prep!

PDF 1/23/17
How Do I Store...Apples

Information on optimal storage for maintaining flavor and freshness of apples.

PDF 9/15/17
How Do I Store...Eggs

Enjoy this quick and easy read on how to store your eggs safely and properly.

PDF 1/23/17
How Do I Store...Figs

Article describing best storage practices for figs and home preservation ideas.

PDF 9/15/17
How Do I Store...Strawberries

Enjoy this quick and easy read on how to properly store strawberries.

PDF 1/23/17
How Do I Store...Tomatoes

Enjoy this brief article on how to properly store tomatoes.

PDF 1/23/17
Introduction to Canning-Canning 101

Articles describes basic principles of home food preservation safely

PDF 9/13/17
Preserving Citrus

This article provides information on various methods to preserve your citrus.  Published in The Tribune 3/22/17.

PDF 3/23/17
Preserving Pies Perfectly!

This article describes safe methods to preserve pie filling at home.  Published in The Tribune 10/11/17.

PDF 10/19/17
Preserving Proteins

Article briefly describing equipment needed to can fish safely.

PDF 6/26/17
Preserving Pumpkins and Other Prodigious Provisions

Interesting facts about pumpkins!

PDF 1/23/17
Salsa A Fantastic Way to Preserve Your End of Summer Harvest

Great information on using the end of the summer bounty!

PDF 1/23/17
To Water Bath or To Pressure Can? That is the Question

Learn information on choosing the correct equipment for your canning needs.

PDF 1/23/17
Totally Tomatoes!

This article describes how tomatoes can be safely preserved at home.

PDF 9/18/17
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