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Food Safety and Preservation

Approved Food Preservation Resources 

The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving (2012)

National Center for Home Food Preservation 


General food safety and preservation information is provided below; however, if you would like to test your knowledge regarding safe practices in home canning take this short quiz by clicking the link! 

In a land of abundant food, some people are at nutritional risk due to limited resources to purchase food or because of poor food selections. Local programs focus on the nutritional needs of special risk groups, such as pregnant women, children, and low income families. Trained volunteers provide information and presentations on food safety and food preservation to help families serve safe, wholesome food without danger of foodborne illness. Food Safety and Preservation Educators will link you to educator information.

The University of Georgia Coopeative Extension is pleased to offer a new So Easy to Preserve video series on DVD. This new series is comprised of eight shows (20 to 35 minutes each) that contain the most up-to-date recommendations for preserving foods by a variety of methods.   Features include:  home canning of tomatoes; canning vegetables; canning fruits; freezing fruits and vegetables; drying fruits and vegetables; pickling; making jams and jellies; and, a show devoted to the canned specialties of hot chile salsa, mango chutney, and spicy jicama relish.  The methods demonstrated continue our tradition of teaching USDA-recommended practices for food safety as well as high quality finished products.

The eight shows are distributed between two DVD disks; each disk also contains Home Canning Basics, a collection of 13 important illustrated concepts and procedures to review when canning or teaching canning.  The package with two DVDs is selling for $39.95, including shipping and handling.  More details and the order form may also be found at our website,

As always, thank you for your continued interest in our food preservation information.

There is also a great website on Food Preservation from Kansas State University --it has Kansas State publications plus information from about 15 other Universities, the USDA, and the industry at  or go over to Food Preservation for Safety information from UC Davis.

We also invite you to print out our Make It Safe-Serve It Safe">Make It Safe-Serve It Safe brochure in .PDF format.

One out of six people now suffers from foodborne illness each year.

Let's promote safe food practices instead!

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