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UCCE Vineyard irrigation efficiency study

Project description

A 2012 CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant titled "Improving vineyard irrigation efficiency within the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin" was awarded to the UCCE in October 2012.

The purpose of this three-year project is to improve the irrigation efficiency in the region, and thus help reduce the stress on the groundwater basin which is the primary source for irrigation water.

This project will improve water use efficiency by:

  • Continuing and expanding the UCCE vineyard irrigation study currently underway at 84 cooperating vineyards;

  • Creating bilingual English/Spanish vineyard irrigation management guides;

  • Demonstrating modern irrigation management tools;

  • Validating the Spatial CIMIS data to improve local irrigation scheduling;

  • Improving water management for local salinity-affected soils.