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Small Fruit – Berry Crops – Conferences and Presentations

Annual Caneberry Meeting (April 13th, 2016)

2016 Annual Caneberry Meeting Agenda

2016 Management Alternatives for Blackberry Production on the Central California Coast

Blackberry Production in Mexico Ahumada 2016

Updating Water and Nutrient Management Guidelines for Caneberries- Cahn 2016

History and Horizons of Primocane-Fruiting Blackberries- Clark 2016

Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) in Caneberries 2016

New Opportunities For Raspberry Production- Nourse 2016

Organic Strawberry Production: In-Season Nutrient Management Challenges

Seasonal Occurrence of Redberry Mite Populations in a Six -Year Old Prime Ark® 45 Planting - Murrietta


XI ISHS Rubus and Ribes Symposium, Asheville, NC - July 23, 2015"


February 3, 2015-Annual Central Coast Caneberry Meeting, Pismo Beach

Bolda-Mineral Nutrition of Raspberries

Gaskell-Small Fruit Berry Crops- Production and Overview

Thompson-Best Practices for Cane Management and Color Reversion Prevention in Prime-Ark®45

Ahumada-Where does Raspberry Yield Potential Go

Walters- Newer Approaches to Soil Fumigation and Alternatives for Caneberries

Nate Nourse Farms Inc-Raspberry Varieties for Today and Tomorrow

Oleg- PrimeArk 45

Murrietta-Are Primocane Fruiting Blackberries More Resistant to Redberry Mites than Floricane Types.pptx

Gaskell-Pruning and Thinning Prime Ark-45 Blackberry for Extended Season Production in Coastal California

October 31, 2014- Crops Science Graduate Seminar-Small Fruit Berry Crop Production in Mild Winter climates, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Gaskell- Producing Small Berry Crops in Mild Winter Climates

October 9 &10, 2014- "4th International Plant Nutrition Symposium Guadalajara, Mexico

Gaskell- Manejo de la fertilización de las bayas — frambuesas, arándanos y moras — en climas con invierno suave

Gaskell- Factores que guían las prácticas de fertilización para la producción de fresa convencional y orgánica en California

July 2014- Environmental Horticulture Class-Hancock College, Santa Maria CA

Small Fruit Berry Crops-Production and Marketing Overview and Environmental Horticulture Implications

May 8, 2014- Proceedings of 21st Annual MACEDE Fulbright Symposium, Rabat, Morocco

Small Fruit Crop Research and Training Program

April 11, 2014- Caneberry Production Meeting, Ventura CA

(See file listed below under January 28, 2014- Central Coast Caneberry Meeting)

March 18, 2014- Small Fruit Porduction workshop, Moroccan National Agronomic Research Institute, Tangier, Morocco

Gaskell-Vue d'ensemble de la production et du marche des myrtilles

January 28, 2014- "Annual Central Coast Caneberry Meeting" organized by Mark Gaskell, Small Farms & Specialty Crops Advisor, presented at the UCCE Auditorium, San Luis Obispo

Ahumada- Connecting the Dots: Raspberry Production Challenges

Bolda- Pest Management Discussion Caneberries

Bolda & Tourte- Cost and Returns of Central Coast Fresh Market Blackberries

Campbell-SLO Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Update

Cantwell- Postharvest Quality Conditions for Blackberries

Daugovish-Primeark 45 in Ventura County

Gaskell- Blackberry Market Overview

Gaskell- Responses of Primocane Blackberries to Different Mow-down and Tipping Regimes


Walters- Bed Fumigation...New EPA Rules

January 22, 2014- CORE Project Annual Meeting, Pacific Grove, CA

Fertigation Management in Organic Strawberry Production

2013 Annual American Society for Horticultural Science Meeting, Palm Desert, CA

June 27, 2013- Strawberry Production Manual Field Day, Jesus Hernandez-Rancho Alegre Berry Farms, Santa Maria CA ( Workshop in Spanish)

Manejo de la Fresa

April 8, 2013- Invited presentation “Overview of World Fresh Blueberry and Caneberry Production” at Blueberry and Caneberry Technical Conference. Portuguese Institute of Biological Science, Oleiras, Portugal

Small Fruit Berry Crops- Production and Overview

January 11, 2013-"Annual Central Coast Caneberry Meeting" Watsonville, CA

Tourte & Bolda-Evaluating Costs and Returns of Central Coast Raspberries

Bolda- Phytopthora in California Raspberries

Gaskell- Responses of Primocane Blackberries to VArying Mow-down and tipping Regimes

Cahn- Development of a Web-based Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Tool for Caneberries

March 18 & 19, 2013- American-Moroccan Agricultural Sciences Conference, Rabat, Morocco

Small Fruit Crop Research and Training Program

December 4, 2012- Strawberry Production and Marketing Grower Meeting
Santa Maria

Costos de Produccion y Tendencias del Mercado de la Fresa

November 8, 2012- Organic/Sustainable Production on the Coast Meeting Salinas, CA

Gaskell- Use of Cover Crops in Organic Production

January 24, 2011- Caneberry Grower Meeting, Watsonville, CA

Blackberry Management Options for Targeting Selected Markets

December 9, 2010- Annual Strawberry Meeting, Santa Maria, CA

Nitrogen Management for Organic Strawberries-Mark Gaskell

August 20, 2010- National Blueberry Symposium, Argentine National Agricultural Technology Institute, Tucuman, Argentina

Producción Orgánica del Arándano en California

August 19, 2010- National Blueberry Symposium- Tucuman, Argentina

Produccion Organica de la Frutilla en California

Produccion Organica de Arandano en California

March 24, 2010- Internet Webinar Live Broadcast USDA Ag in "Uncertain Times"

Estrategias, Herramientas, y Recursos para la eleccion y la Diversificacion de cultivos

March 12, 2010- Santa Maria Hispanic Growers Association organized by UCSB Chicano Studies Department

Market Information Sources Food Safety Programs as part of the Farm Enterprise (Spanish)

March 4, 2010- Coast Ag Liaison- Water Quality and Nutrient Management

Update on Nitrogen Management Field Studies with Strawberries and Coastal Leafy Vegetables

March 4, 2010- Strawberry Grower Meeting, Santa Maria CA

Update on Nitrogen Management Field studies with Strawberries and Leafy Vegetables

March 2, 2010- California Farm Conference

Basics of Caneberry Production- A Western (California) Perspective

February 25, 2010- Annual Meeting-National Raspberry and Blackberry Growers Association 

Basics of Caneberry Production- A Western (California) Perspective

January 26, 2010- Caneberry Grower Meeting, Watsonville, CA

In Season Nitrogen Fertilization for Caneberries

December 2, 2009- California Association of Pest Control- Advisor's Meeting, Nipomo, CA

Central Coast CAPCA Meeting Agenda

January 15, 2009

Gaskell- In-Season Fertilization in Organic Systems

March 3-7, 2008- VI International Strawberry Symposium, Huelva, Spain

Gaskell et al.- Organic Strawberry N

November 6, 2008- "Santa Maria Nitrate and Nutrient Interconnections, A Water Quality Symposium", presented at Good Neighbor Bakery, Santa Maria, CA

Santa Maria Nitrate and Nutrient Interconnections Presentations

November 5, 2008- Canberry Growers Meeting at Faulkner Farm Center, Ventura, CA

Gaskell- Extending Blackberry Production into New Market Windows

May 19 to May 22, 2008- A Week of Blueberries:Info on California Blueberry Production Practices and How the Florida Experience Can Apply Here,Santa Paula, Camarillo, Parlier, Nipomo

Williamson- Overview of Florida's Commercial Blueberry Industry

Faber- Acidifying Blueberry Soil

Gaskell-Evolution of R&D in Support of the California Coastal Blueberry Industry

April 16, 2008- "Organic Strawberry Production Grower Meeting" organized by Mark Gaskell, Small Farms & Specialty Crops Advisor, presented at Far Western Tavern, Guadalupe, CA

Strawberry Production Grower Meeting Presentations

February 24, 2008- California Farm Conference Workshop, Kearney Ag Center

Protected Cropping Production Systems for Season Extension

November, 2007- Annual Meeting of the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association, Kennewick, WA.

Blackberry Management for Alternative Markets

Raspberry and Blackberry Production and Marketing

Produccion y Mercadeo de Frambuesa y Mora