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Tree fruit, Citrus, Avocado, and Nuts

Local field research is conducted by Cooperative Extension advisors, in cooperation with University of California Extension Specialists, Experiment Station personnel and growers. Research efforts target new crops and varieties that are best adapted to local growing conditions and markets. Irrigation, fertilization, and soil management research helps growers use natural resources effectively. Innovations in cultural practices and pest control help local growers produce an abundance of fruits, nuts, cereal grains, vegetables and other crops with environmentally sensitive methods.

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  • bay laurel nut
    Wild Avocado Relative in California

    California Bay or CA Laurel or Headache Tree or, heaven forbid, Oregon Myrtle is a tree native to the west coast where there is water. In the rainy forests of northern CA and Oregon and the wet creek areas in ravines and canyons of southern...

    By Ben Faber
    Author - Advisor
  • marestail and avocado
    Avocado Webinar - Weeds and Biostimulants

    Wednesday, August 12 9 - noon Avocado Grower Webinar Weeds and Biostimulants Speakers:Sonia Rios (UCCE Farm Advisor, Riverside/San Diego Counties Subtropical Horticulture) will talk about how to identify different weeds and the various methods that...

    By Ben Faber
    Author - Advisor
  • Unlabeled seeds from solicited packages
    Mysterious Seeds in Mail

    Report Unsolicited Seeds to APHIS Author: UC Integrated Pest Management Program Have you had unexpected seeds show up in the mail? Unknown seeds could be invasive plants, contain invasive insects, or have plant disease causing agents. Here's what the...

    By Ben Faber
    Author - Advisor