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Irrigation Scheduling Tools

This tool, developed by Rueben and Shanti Hofshi, and Ben Faber, has instructions for use and allows you to calculate water needed per tree per day as well as watering time per day or irrigation period.
Irrigation Scheduling Calculator


Soil Moisture Monitoring

Provides basic information as well as details on equipment.
UCCE Drought Management Soil Moisture Monitoring

How will Monitoring Soil Moisture Save me Water?

Deficit Irrigation
UC Cooperative Extension water management specialist David A. Goldhamer explains the benefits of using regulated deficit irrigation in citrus orchards.
Regulated Deficit Irrigation Video

Sensitive Crop Stages

Commodity Response to Deficit Water

Comparison of conventional irrigation and partial root zone drying at the same reduced irrigation rater supplemented with equal foliar fertilization.
Citrus yield and fruit size can be sustained for trees irrigated with 25 % or 50% less water by supplementing tree nutrition with foliar fertilization

Drought Strategies

Irrigation Scheduling During a Drought

Subtropical Orchards Management Under Droughts