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Irrigation Scheduling Tools

This tool, developed by Rueben and Shanti Hofshi, and Ben Faber, has instructions for use and allows you to calculate water needed per tree per day as well as watering time per day or irrigation period.
Irrigation Scheduling Calculator

Soil Moisture Monitoring

For basic information on  soil monitoring and equipment
UCCE Avocado Production in California Book 2. Chapter 1, page 11-12

For a series of videos on soil-plant-water relations and methods for monitoring soil moisture
Index Fresh Inc. Avocado Culture Seminar Series- Grove Irrigation

California Avocado Commission- Checking Soil Moisture in Avocado Groves

 Deficit Irrigation
Strategizing for Water Cutbacks-is there a Logical Method?

Sensitive Crop Stages
The most sensitive crop stage to water deficits is the period from onset of flowering until fruit drop (Personal Communication-ML Arpaia)

Commodity Response to Water Deficit
There has not been adequate research with avocados to comment on the response to controlled water deficits.  It is likely to reduce yield.

Drought Strategies
Strategies for dealing with a 30% cutback in water use for avocados

Drought Stratagies for Avocados

Subtropical Orchards Management Under Droughts

Avocado Irrigation in Drought Conditions-Australia

How will Monitoring Soil Moisture Save me Water?