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Ranching Sustainability Self-Assessment Project


The Ranching Sustainability Self-Analysis Assessment (RSA) was created by and for local ranchers.  It's a tool, that was developed to record land use practices for your own historical purposes.  We hope that it also is a gauge to look at your own practices and a reminder of sustainable practices that you may have been putting on the back-burner.  The idea for this project came about, in some respects, from other farming practices that  use self-assessment as a tool for their own record keeping.  We would like to thank the Central Coast Vineyard Team for sharing the SIP Certification procedures with ranchers.  The Ranching Sustainability Self-Assessment does not include any kind of "Certification" nor are we collecting or sharing any ranchers information.  The  RSA manual is free to download from our site and you may use it as you wish for your own records. 

For more information, contact Royce Larsen: 805.434.4106 relarsen@ucdavis.edu or Bill Tietje: 805.781.5938 tietje@berkeley.edu