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 The Ag & Natural Resources Committee (ANRC ) is an informal group of landowners and citizens, with support by the agents of the University of California Cooperative Extension, collectively interested in sustaining the natural resources of San Luis Obispo County. The Committee was formed in 1997 by resolution of the county Board of Supervisors and was previously called The Native Tree Committee of San Luis Obispo County. It has met since then with the mandate of implementing resource conservation by the advocating of voluntary management and conservation practices. The activities and administration of the Committee have evolved over time in response to changing needs of its primary clientele, users and managers of the county’s natural resources. The Committee has agreed to the following principles with regard to the administration of the group.

1.         The mission of the ANRC is to support and sustain the stewardship of our county’s natural resources through education and outreach.  Among other things, the ANRC will develop and distribute practical information on tree planting and protection, sustainable farming and ranching practices, and presentations to and outdoor opportunities for school age children and their families.

2.         Membership is voluntary and may include any landowner or other person with an interest in San Luis Obispo County’s natural resources.   Meetings will be held approximately every two months at a pre-determined location and notice of meetings and agendas will be provided by email or other convenient means.

3.         The Committee will have co-chairs and a treasurer.  Because most of the county’s natural resources occur on privately owned farms and ranches, agricultural practices are a critical part of our natural resources, at least one of the co-chairs will be an active participant in production agriculture.

4.         The ANRC will seek to encourage and advocate for voluntary adherence to the best available and suitable land stewardship practices in order to avoid the need for more restrictive measures. 




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